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February 18, 2012

TALES FROM TRINITYis complete. My second novel is being reviewed by several friends before being published. Michael Greenwood, Brian Holloway’s best friend, mourns his friend’s tragic death, loses his high school sweetheart; later, he finds her and loses her again, and decides to be a life-long bachelor. Kathy Stiletto suffers through a nightmare of a wedding and equally nightmarish marriage. Reiner Holtz stirs things up at Trinity with his conspiracy theories. Barbara Lambert interviews for the position and is called as Assistant Pastor. Tillie Holtz mourns the loss of her friend, Maybelle Stewart, the cookie lady, and comes to understand the meaning of sainthood. Pastor Paul Walker and his wife Cheri enjoy the adventures of parenting their growing sons, Chip and Randy. The lives of these characters and others are woven together by God to form the community of Trinity Lutheran Church. Their stories are the Tales from Trinity.

If you are interested in learning more about my new book, please drop me an email.

A TRIP TO CALIFORNIA AND ARIZONA to visit family and friends is being planned by Jim and Carmen. A week and a half away from clouds, mist, and rain will be a welcome break. And being with our loved ones is always a treat. We look forward to seeing cousins whom we haven’t seen for several years. And as always, it will be nice to come back to our beautiful home in Silverton.


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