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Honoring Our Neighbor’s Faith

February 24, 2018

I was honored by being asked to teach a class on Sunday mornings during Lent, using an excellent resource from the ELCA, “Honoring Our Neighbor’s Faith.” I have always had an interest in world religions, and have prayed for more dialogue among the major faiths for the sake of world peace and justice. Response to the class has been excellent so far.
I have also introduced the class to another new resource from the ELCA which expresses much of my concern for education and cooperation in practicing our faiths. “A Declaration of Our Inter-Religious Commitment” is a draft policy statement of the ELCA. For example: “The ELCA will defend human rights and oppose all forms of religious bigotry, fear-mongering, violence, discrimination and persecution and stand in solidarity with those who experience them, whether they are Christian or of another religious tradition or worldview, upholding commitments made in existing ELCA social teaching.” (Lines 288-292) “The ELCA, in consultation with our partners, will seek to understand the religions of the world so as to identify and oppose those distortions that misuse religion to justify oppression, violence, genocide, or terrorism.” (Lines 296-297) This Declaration can be viewed on the ELCA website or

ELCA Declaration

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