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May 5, 2023

For the past five years or more Carmen has been baking Lemon Pound Cakes, two each week,

and taking them to church on Sunday morning to give to members of Immanuel Lutheran Church

here in Silverton. Everyone raves about how moist they are! When Pastor Leah sees Carmen

coming through the doors, she smiles and says, “Here come the pound cakes.” Carmen glances

around the narthex or into the sanctuary, looking for someone to whom she has not given one

for a month or two. Then she presents the pound cake with a Carmen smile!

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  1. May 6, 2023 12:29 am

    Yeah Carmen! So thankful for your baking and cooking skills. I’ve enjoyed all over the years!

  2. Paul Doellinger permalink
    May 6, 2023 7:55 pm

    Hi Jim — Now my mouth is watering!  Some Sunday when I am not leading worship elsewhere, Susan and I are going to have to go to church at Emmanuel…mainly to get one of Carmen’s Lemon Pound Cakes! Glad you shared this with us. Actually, I have been keeping pretty busy lately.  I am presiding at worship twice a month at Grace Lutheran in Molalla, and occasionally elsewhere.  I keep trying to limit my pulpit supply to two times a month, but I just can’t say “no” when someone phones me and needs a fill-in pastor. Hop you are likewise doing well!

       Paul D. Doellinger           Good judgment comes from experience,    and experience comes from bad judgment.    (Mark Twain)

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