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Ruby-throated Hummingbird

July 3, 2018

Humming Ruby framed 2

Crucifixion - framed



I cut a small piece of reflective red foil for the hummingbird’s throat and cut red origami paper behind the flowers.

The observer of Christ’s crucifixion looks from behind the cross because of fear and shame as the sky grows darker.

These and many more scissorcuts will be on display and for sale at the Balcony Gallery

at  Peace Lutheran Church       1525 Glen Creek Road      West Salem, OR  97304

September & October   Please call the church to schedule a visit or tour:  503-362-8500     or              1-503-917-1326


June 19, 2018

I’ve begun working on a new project called “SNIPPETS,” a collection of my art, poetry, scissorcuts, sermons, even Christmas cards.

Snippet: a small part, piece, or thing, esp. a brief quotable passage.                                From Merriam-Webster Dictionary


I’ve always been a detail person. Part of my O.C.T. – Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies. My art teachers always told me to “loosen up.”  But I love realism, and reality is so full of detail!  Some people say, “You must have a lot of patience to do those scissorcuts.”  But for me, it is an escape. Like a mechanic who loves working on cars, or a quilter piecing together an intricate quilt. Everyone shows patience with things they enjoy.

As I snip away at a scissorcut, very small pieces of paper fall to my lap, snippets. Sometimes a snippet will hang on by a microscopic fiber, and the tip of my tiny scissors just keeps pulling and twisting it . . . but it won’t fall off!  I snip and tug, and pray for patience . . . and a sharper scissors. Before the invention of laser surgery, these were used for eye surgeries. When the points become dull, I sharpen them on a whetstone.

I write poetry because I love language. Sounds and meanings and layers of meaning. I write sermons because I believe God has called me to proclaim the good news of his love for the world. God’s creativity inspires mine. My art is dedicated to the glory of God who is the true creator of nature’s beauty, infinite variety, and detail.

Silhouettes, the outline of a person’s face, have been used since ancient times; for example, the emperor’s portrait on the faces of coins.  The term silhouette originated in France in the eighteenth century.  Scherenschnitte or scissorcutting dates back to the 1500s in Germany, Poland, and Switzerland. Multiple figures, children, carriages, and trees combined elegant composition and exquisite detail. The Pennsylvania Dutch brought scissorcutting to America in the 1700s. Intricate paper cutting is also popular in China, Japan, and Mexico. Sometimes the paper is folded then cut, to form geometric designs of fine lacey patterns.

Crow on Fence 3

My contribution to the art form is to add depth to the scene depicted. Mountains, rivers, forests, birds, deer, flowers, lakes, and ocean shores are my favorites.  With a background in science and engineering, a passion for theology and people, and a love of nature, my mind bounces through all kinds of crazy places as I write personal reflections, poetry, and sermons; and as I try to decide what subject matter will challenge my tiny scissors. I hope this book will give you a glimpse of the small pieces or things I have created through the years.

Mountain Majesty

April 19, 2018

I’m very pleased with my most recent cutting: Mountain Majesty. The detail of the mountain required hours and hours of cutting, as did the trees, and the rocks.  I won’t want to sell this one.Mountain Majesty

Latest Scissorcut

March 22, 2018

Just finished my latest piece of art, Deer Drinking at the Lake.Deer Drinking framed 1

Honoring Our Neighbor’s Faith

February 24, 2018

I was honored by being asked to teach a class on Sunday mornings during Lent, using an excellent resource from the ELCA, “Honoring Our Neighbor’s Faith.” I have always had an interest in world religions, and have prayed for more dialogue among the major faiths for the sake of world peace and justice. Response to the class has been excellent so far.
I have also introduced the class to another new resource from the ELCA which expresses much of my concern for education and cooperation in practicing our faiths. “A Declaration of Our Inter-Religious Commitment” is a draft policy statement of the ELCA. For example: “The ELCA will defend human rights and oppose all forms of religious bigotry, fear-mongering, violence, discrimination and persecution and stand in solidarity with those who experience them, whether they are Christian or of another religious tradition or worldview, upholding commitments made in existing ELCA social teaching.” (Lines 288-292) “The ELCA, in consultation with our partners, will seek to understand the religions of the world so as to identify and oppose those distortions that misuse religion to justify oppression, violence, genocide, or terrorism.” (Lines 296-297) This Declaration can be viewed on the ELCA website or

ELCA Declaration

Another Sailing Ship Finished

November 25, 2017

In spite of a nasty head cold, which left me with little or no energy in November, I did finish another scissorcut that turned out quite nice. I hope you enjoy. Carmen and I returned from Minnesota on November 7 following a week in Fairmont visiting her brother Gary and Susan who were both hospitalized for a time. Both are home now and feeling much better. We hope you enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving and look forward to the preparations for Christmas. “I saw one ship come sailing in . . .”
Sailing Ship 2017

Scissorcutting, After Summer Travels

August 8, 2017
Maywood Class 2

Charles, Arnie, Erling, Jim, and Roger  Maywood Class of 1967

Chicago River 1

Water Cannon on Chicago River

Summer began with a trip to Chicago in May for Jim’s 50th year of ordination celebrated at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in Hyde Park.  The seminary hosted 50-year graduates from Maywood and Rock Island Campuses, and I enjoyed visits with four classmates: Erling Lindstrom, Roger Asplund, Arnie Pierson, and Charles Austin.

I also spent a day bumming around downtown on Michigan Avenue, visiting the Lake View building, where I had worked with my Uncle Verl, as a commercial art apprentice, when I was in high school in the fifties. I did a quick tour of the Art Institute then continued north up Michigan Avenue. The architectural boat tour was magnificent.  Afterward, I walked all the way to Wrigley Field, about six miles. Sadly, the Cubs game was a disappointment; the Cubs lost to the San Francisco Giants  6 – 4.  I did enjoy a visit at the park with Arnie Pierson.

In June we had a wonderful three-day visit with my cousin, Mark Knudsen, who came from Puyallup, Washington.  We ate at The Glockenspiel in Mt. Angel and enjoyed many hours of conversation.

Grant Memorial 1

Following Mark’s visit, we drove to southern California for a memorial service on June 17 for my cousin, Grant Bornzin.  His sister Gail was our gracious host.  We enjoyed visiting with family and a delicious catered dinner in Gail’s back yard.

Grant Memorial 7

Grant Bornzin 1940-2017      Air Force Academy Graduate

Gary Steven's 80th birthday

Susan and Gary Stevens with Tyler,      Lori and Jeff Joyce                












After returning from California we drove to Minnesota  to celebrate with Carmen’s family.  Her brother, Gary Stevens, turned 80 on June 29.  We enjoyed dinners at Jake’s Pizza, the Bergen restaurant, and Pizza Ranch.    It was good to see Greg and Tammy, Mark Stevens, and Aunt Iris with Linda and Cindy.

Summer also brings good direct sunlight through our windows for cutting, so I’ve been busy lately.  I’ve done three butterflies, one mountain stream, and a pelican.

Tiger Swallowtail 2.jpg

Tigerswallowtail                  on Coneflower

Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream