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New Novel is Published

February 24, 2020

BLESSED ARE THE HUNGRY was the most fun I’ve ever had writing. The quirky characters came to life and their interactions brought smiles to my face as I wrote. This is just between you and me . . . don’t tell anyone . . . the young artist, Hunter Schlewitz, secretly does knitting. Ssshh! He doesn’t want anyone to know.

I’m grateful to my son Joel for teaching me just a little about online marketing which I used in the book. And Bob and Clara Gerber are the elderly couple inspired by my uncles and aunts, Bob and Adeline, George and Verna (who could be quite bossy at times).

The Knitting Basket and other scissorcuts can be seen in my new book Blessed Are The Hungry.

Another Mountain Scene

September 24, 2019

Years ago I enjoyed hiking at Holden Village in Washington.  Although I don’t have a photograph, I remember the hike to Copper Basin. You cross Railroad Creek, climb over “the tailings,”  and follow the trail up toward Copper Falls.  I sketched the scene as I remembered it, then cut it with my small scissors.

Trail to the Falls